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What Is A Single-piece Racing Alloy Wheel
Jan 31, 2018

F1 Racing requires the use of a single-piece hub, in order to ensure the use of wheel hub performance and vehicle weight reduction requirements, it is usually used to make the forging billet and then use the spinning process forming production, with to ensure the product's high performance and lightest weight, compared with the casting alloy wheel of the specification, its mechanical performance is increased by more than 18%, and can reduce the quality of about 20%.

The single-piece alloy wheels, designed and manufactured for F1 Racing, have withstood the test of a variety of difficult environments. However, the passenger car alloy wheel is not like the performance requirements of the vehicle is so harsh, the overall low pressure casting alloy wheels enough to meet its performance requirements, but the passenger cars pay more attention to the appearance of alloy wheel and aesthetic design. By the impact of racing and energy-saving, aesthetic requirements, automotive alloy wheels are also changing, more full of motion sense of large diameter, soft-spoke alloy hub design and lightweight alloy hub design, automotive alloy wheel is the main trend of development and pursuit of direction.