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What Is A Multi-piece Alloy Wheel
Jan 31, 2018

Multi-piece alloy wheels have two-piece and three-piece, several parts of the wheel are manufactured by forging and spinning process, and then joined with titanium bolts, these products are light in quality, high in strength and superior in performance, but expensive, mainly used for all kinds of tournament racing and high-grade luxury cars.

At all levels of the world, whether it's a car or a motorcycle, no matter under what conditions, the vehicle will be required to speed from zero to 100km/h in a short 3s, so the hub needs to be able to withstand high lateral acceleration, extremely high operating speed and poor conditions of overload operation. , as well as the effect of temperature rise caused by the strong wear of tires, in this environment the multi-piece aluminum wheel has withstood the test of various hardship environment. Although the product quality is light, due to the use of advanced manufacturing technology, product structure, high strength, the combination of many pieces of the shape to give a solid feel.