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What Is A Built-in Air Alloy Hub
Jan 31, 2018

In order to minimize the quality of the hub, a new concept of the new lightweight alloy hub air alloy hub came into being, through the cavity technology to further reduce the quality of the wheel.

This alloy wheel has a single piece and two pieces of modular, single-piece internal air alloy hub through the cavity technology, the hub of all spokes, rims, both inside and outside the convex shoulders are made into cavities, greatly reducing the quality of the hub, and the same structure alloy wheel weight reduction of 20%, and the use of performance has been greatly improved; The two-piece built-in air alloy hub makes the inner convex shoulder of hub rim into a cavity, greatly reduces the quality of the hub, reduces the weight by 5% compared with the same structure alloy wheel, and improves the use performance of the product. This type of alloy wheel is made of casting blanks, and the fabrication of cavities is accomplished by spinning process.