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Type Of Wheels
Jan 31, 2018

Wheels are also called wheels. According to the characteristics and requirements of different models, the surface treatment technology of the wheel hub will take different ways, which can be divided into two kinds: baking paint and electroplating.

Ordinary models of the hub in the appearance of less consideration, good heat dissipation is a basic requirement, the process of the basic use of baking paint treatment, that is, first spraying and then electric roast, the cost is more economical and beautiful color, to maintain a long time, even if the vehicle is scrapped, the color of the hub is still Many Volkswagen car hub surface treatment process is paint. Some stylish avantgarde, dynamic color wheel application is also paint technology. This type of hub price is moderate, complete specifications.

Electroplating wheels are also divided into electroplating silver, water electroplating and pure electroplating and other types. Electroplating Silver and water electroplating wheel although bright and vivid, but to maintain a short time, so the price is relatively cheap, for a lot of young people to pursue the new feeling like, the market price in 300 yuan-500 yuan. Pure electroplating wheel, color to maintain a long time, can be said to be high quality and price. In high-end sedan more than pure electroplating wheel, the price of about 800-900 yuan.