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Steelcompany Aluminum Truck Wheels Manufacturing Method
Jan 31, 2018

Aluminum alloy wheel Manufacturing method has three kinds: gravity casting, forging, low pressure precision casting.

1. The gravity casting method uses the gravity to pour the aluminum alloy solution into the mold, after forming, after the lathe processing polishes, can complete the production. The manufacturing process is simpler, without precision casting process, low cost and high production efficiency, but it is easy to produce bubble (sand hole), uneven density, surface smoothness is not enough. Geely has a considerable number of models to use this method is the production of wheels, mainly in the early production of models, the new models have been replaced with newer hubs.

2. The whole aluminum ingot of the forging method is extruded directly on the die by thousand ton presses, advantages are uniform density, smooth surface, wheel hub wall thin and light weight, the highest material strength, more than 30% than the casting method, but because of the need for sophisticated production equipment, and yield only 50%-60%, manufacturing costs higher.

3. Low-pressure precision casting method in the 0.1Mpa low pressure precision casting, the casting method of good formability, clear contour, uniform density, smooth surface, both to achieve high strength, lightweight, but also to control costs, and yield in more than 90%, is high-quality aluminum alloy hub of the mainstream manufacturing methods.