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The selection elements of the hub
Jan 31, 2018


Do not blindly increase the wheel. Some people to improve the car performance and increase the wheel, in the tire outside the same diameter, the big wheel will be bound to match the wide and flat tires, the car's lateral swing is small, stability has been improved, over the curved like a superficial, lightsome skim. But the more flat the tyre, the thinner the thickness, the worse the damping performance, the greater the loss of comfort. In addition, a little stone and other roadblocks, tires easily damaged. So the cost of blindly increasing the wheel can not be ignored. Generally speaking, according to the original car hub size one or two more suitable.


This means that when you choose not to pick your own favorite shape, but also follow the advice of the technician to consider whether the three-distance is appropriate.


The structure of complex, dense hub is really beautiful, appear to have a grade, but it is easy to wash the car was refused to wash or overcharged, because it is too troublesome to wash. The simple wheels are dynamic and neat. Of course, if you are not afraid of trouble, there is no harm. At present, the popular aluminum alloy wheels, compared with the iron casting wheel in the past, the degree of resistance to deformation has been greatly improved, the weight of a substantial reduction, car power loss of small, run fast, save oil and good heat dissipation, for the majority of owners love. Here to remind you that a lot of car dealers in order to cater to the owner's taste, sales of cars, before the iron wheel replaced by aluminum alloy wheels, but in the price is a hard one. So from the point of view of economic benefits, when buying a car do not care too much about the wheel of material, anyway, can be in accordance with their own style to change, the price can also save a pen, why not?