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The basic parameters of the hub
Jan 31, 2018

A hub includes a lot of parameters, and each parameter will affect the use of the vehicle, so before refitting and maintenance of the wheel, you must first confirm these parameters.


Hub size is actually the diameter of the wheel, we often can hear people say 15-inch wheels, 16-inch wheels Such a statement, of which 15, 16 inch is the size of the hub (diameter). Generally in the car, the hub size, flat-ratio tires, the visual can play a very good tension effect, and the stability of the vehicle control will also increase, but with the resulting increase in fuel consumption such additional problems.


Hub width is also commonly known as the J value, the width of the hub directly affects the choice of tires, the same size of the tires, J value is different, the choice of flat ratio and width of the tire is also different.

PCD and Hole position

PCD's professional name is called section circle diameter, refers to the center of the hub of the fixed bolt between the diameter, the general hub most of the hole is 5 bolts and 4 bolts, and the distance between the bolts are also different, so we often can hear 4x103, 5x114.3,5x112 such a name, take 5x114.3 as an example, on behalf of the hub of PCD is 114.3mm, hole bit 5 bolts. In the choice of wheels, PCD is one of the most important parameters, for security and stability considerations, it is best to choose PCD and the original car with the same hub to upgrade the transformation.


English is offset, commonly known as ET value, hub bolt fixed surface and geometric center line (hub transverse center line) between the distance, said simply is the hub center screw fixed with the entire wheel central point of difference, popular point is that the wheel after the conversion is inward or outward protruding. For the general sedan, the ET value is positive for a few vehicles and some jeeps are negative. For example, a car's offset value of 40, if replaced by the ET45 wheel, the vision will be more than the original wheel of the wheel to shrink into the arch. Of course, et values not only affect visual changes, it will also be with the steering characteristics of vehicles, wheel positioning angle are related, the gap is too large offset value may lead to tire abnormal wear, bearing easy to wear, or even can not be normal installation (braking system and wheel friction can not be normal rotation), and in most cases, The same brand of the same style of wheel will provide different ET values can be selected, before refitting to consider the comprehensive factors, the most insurance is not modified under the premise of the brake system, to maintain the conversion of the hub of the ET value and the original ET value.

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