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Repair of automobile aluminum alloy wheel
Jan 31, 2018

The most reliable vehicle hub repair will be the number of car hub scratches repaired, car wheels appear a slight scratches, once the scars can do wheel renovation treatment, if the wheel is not careful bump to the road-like teeth, once a very deep scratches, it will be repaired in time, if the hub metal exposed for a long time, will cause serious corrosion of the hub, affect the service life of the wheel! After the hub scratch repair, you can restore the hub appearance to the factory state, the use of performance will not be affected! So the car hub scratch repair will not have any side effects on the hub itself, safe and reliable, but also make the wheel more beautiful!

Hub deformation and fracture repair, when the wheel is damaged by this quality, we can not blindly repair, because once the wheel damage affects its internal metal structure, even through a technology to restore the original, the damage of the metal structure will not be restored! So it will affect the overall quality of the hub! Once the hub needs welding repair, the welding structure and the original hub metal structures are very different, so the welding place will produce stress, once the hub again by a strong impact or the use of time too long, welding stress release will lead to the hub fracture, a major traffic accident!