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Mistaken ideas of modification of truck wheels
Jan 31, 2018

1, figure cheap to buy fake

Wheel conversion is an important step in the car modification, whether it is the appearance of modification or control performance upgrade, The Hub has played an important role in which a high-quality hub, in the rigorous production process and strict inspection, to ensure that its personality parameters qualified. Of course, a set of authentic wheels are expensive, at present domestic can produce and domestic (have export products) of enterprises, so the price of imported hub is more expensive. So a lot of modified players in order to save costs, select the so-called "domestic" "Taiwan production" of false wheels, this is completely undesirable, if it is "small workshop" production of False wheels, although the appearance and genuine wheels do not have much difference, but in terms of weight, strength and so far are not up to safety indicators, often have players in the use of "imitation" When the wheels appear inexplicable cracks and deformation problems, and in the high-speed process, fakes are not enough to support such a large intensity of the load, if there is a high-speed burst phenomenon, directly affect the driver and passengers life safety! So in particular, if the economic conditions are not allowed, please carefully choose the conversion wheel, Although the original "Steel Ring", "casting wheel" may not be beautiful and lightweight, but at least security is guaranteed. Hub performance is generally forged wheels, casting wheels and steel wheels.

2, not correctly choose the right wheel

The role of the hub for lifting the appearance is more obvious, but in the choice of wheels, every detail should be taken into account, the parameters of the wheel will affect the use of wheels and vehicles, PCD value is incorrect may not be normal installation, et value not only affect the installation and use, and may affect the future upgrade modification, For example, the original car is a single piston braking system, the future owner intends to upgrade the piston brake system, et value and wheel size will affect the normal installation, so in the upgrade of the braking system, but also two consumption to replace or upgrade the hub.

3, incorrect installation of the hub

A lot of black-hearted businesses in the supply of modified wheels, the owner will not be prompted to the size of the center hole diameter, if this size is smaller than the original size, nature can not be installed, but if the size of the original and did not take the comparison measures, it will cause the vehicle when the situation of different heart, causing the vehicle's abnormal sound and jitter, Serious situation will directly affect the safety of the vehicle. If you really like the hub, and happen to have no suitable center hole size, if the size is too small, you can expand the hole, and the size is too large, you can choose some manufacturers to provide the central hole sleeve ring to rectify.