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Hub Installation Note
Jan 31, 2018

1, in order to maximize the safety and reliability, we recommend that you regardless of the length of the car to check the wheel bearings frequently-note whether the bearing has worn early warning signal: including any rotation of the friction noise or the suspension of the combination wheel in the turn of the abnormal deceleration.

The vehicle recommended for rear wheel drive is to lubricate the front hub bearing in the 38000 km drive. When changing the braking system, check the bearing and replace the oil seal.

2, if you hear the noise of hub bearing parts, first of all, it is important to find the location of the noise. There are many moving parts that may produce a murmur, or some of the rotating parts are in contact with the non rotating parts. If confirmation is the noise in the bearing, the bearing may be damaged and need to be replaced.

3, because the front wheel cause the two sides bearing failure of the working conditions similar, so even if only a broken bearing, also recommended to replace.

4, hub bearings more sensitive, in all cases need to adopt the right method and appropriate tools. The bearing parts cannot be damaged during storage and installation. Some bearings require a large pressure, so special tools need to refer to the car manufacturing instructions.

5, the installation of bearings should be in a clean and tidy environment, small particles into the bearing will shorten the service life of bearings. It is important to maintain a clean environment when replacing bearings. Do not allow the hammer to hit the bearing, pay attention to the bearing do not fall on the ground (or similar improper treatment). The condition of the shaft and the housing should also be inspected before installation, even if the minor wear will lead to poor coordination, resulting in early failure of the bearing.

6, on the hub bearing unit, do not attempt to open the hub bearing or adjust the hub unit of the seal ring, otherwise it will cause damage to the seal ring water or dust entry. Even the seals and the raceway of the inner ring are damaged, resulting in permanent failure of the bearing.

7, equipped with ABS device bearing seal Circle has a magnetic thrust ring, the thrust ring can not be hit, impact or with other magnetic field collision. Remove from the box before installation to keep them away from the magnetic field, such as motor or power tools used. When installing these bearings, observe the ABS alarm pins on the instrument panel by the road condition test to change the bearing operation.