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Daily maintenance of aluminum truck wheels
Jan 31, 2018

Aluminum alloy wheel With its elegant appearance, safe and comfortable characteristics of the more and more car owners won the favor. Almost all the new models are made of aluminum alloy wheels, and many of the owner's friends will be the original car wheel hub for aluminum alloy wheels. Here, to introduce the maintenance method of aluminum alloy wheel:

1, when the hub temperature is high, should let its natural cooling and then clean, must not use cold water to clean. Otherwise, the aluminum alloy wheel will be damaged, even the brake disc deformation and affect the braking effect. In addition, in high temperature with cleaning agent cleaning alloy wheels, will make the wheel surface chemical reaction, loss of luster, affect beautiful.

2, when the wheel is stained with difficult to clear the tar, if the general detergent is useless, can be used to remove the brush, in this, to private owners to introduce a kind of clearing the tar of the folk prescription: that is, the use of medicinal "activating oil" rub, can get unexpected results, may wish to try

3, where the vehicle is wet, the wheel should be cleaned to avoid salt on the aluminum surface corrosion.

4, when necessary clean and clean, the wheel can be waxing maintenance, so that its luster forever.