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Concrete steps of Truck wheels repair
Jan 31, 2018

The first step, check the scars, such as no injury to the inside of the wheel, you can simply repair, use paint thinner, wipe the scars around, remove dirty;

The second step, the deepest part of the scrape is difficult to remove dirt available toothpicks can be thoroughly clean;

The third step: in order to prevent the mistake of painting the irrelevant part of the paint carefully paste the adhesive tape around the scar;

The fourth step, the preparation of the brush tip, coated with modified paint.

The fifth step, after painting, after completely drying with water resistant paper dipped in soapy water smear, make the surface smooth;

The sixth step, with water resistant paper after rubbing, with the mixture to wipe out the light, and then play wax.

If you encounter a deeper scar, the focus is to observe whether the metal surface is exposed, if not see the metal surface will not rust, you can concentrate on the paint. Use the nib at 1.1 points and wait until the paint is completely dry. And to avoid such a phenomenon, the car at the beginning of the time to be diligent washing wheel, driving every day at least once a week to wash the wheels, first with water after washing, and then use detergent to sponge scrub, and then rinse with a lot of water.

Daily maintenance is also essential, when the hub temperature is high, should let its natural cooling and then clean, do not use cold water to clean, otherwise, will make the aluminum alloy hub damage, or even brake disc deformation and affect the braking effect. In addition, the use of cleaning agents in the high-temperature cleaning aluminum platform gold wheel, will cause the surface of the wheel hub chemical reaction, loss of luster, affect the beautiful.