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2018 China aluminum Alloy wheel industry development status analysis and future development prospect forecast
Jan 31, 2018

1923 car began using sand mold casting aluminum alloy wheels, after World War II, aluminum alloy wheels began to be used for civilian vehicles. 1958 Aluminum Alloy Wheel technology began to mature gradually, with the casting of the whole aluminum alloy wheels, and soon have forged aluminum alloy wheels. The 70 's aluminum alloy wheels gradually began to promote. Because of the manufacturing technology and the cost of production, in the past quite a long time, steel wheels in the production of car wheels occupy a dominant position. With the rapid development of the global automobile industry, the automobile industry technology unceasing progress, each big automobile manufacturer unceasingly pursues produces the performance to be better the automobile, the lightweight is the major automobile manufacturer enhances the automobile performance the main way, in which the automobile driving system's light quantification produces the effect to be immediate, not only may reduce the vehicle the entire vehicle quality, It also improves the driving and driving comfort due to the reduction of the non spring load quality of the vehicle. Therefore, since the 80 's, the aluminum alloy wheel assembly rate has been increasing, taking the United States as an example, the aluminum alloy wheel loading rate in 1983 years only 7%, to 1997 has reached 60%. At present, Japan's aluminum alloy wheel loading rate of more than 45%, Europe is more than 50%.

The core of the future wheel industry competition is the lightweight and high intensity of the products. And today the world's highest manufacturing technology of the wheel, is still in Europe and the United States and Japan as the representative of the famous Wheel group master. Its advanced degree mainly displays as follows: first, the product research and development ability is strong, can with the host plant synchronization development even advance development. Product design, with the help of advanced software and successful experience, the product of CAE analysis and simulation verification, shorten the development cycle and reduce development costs, improve user satisfaction; Product verification ability, through the test of the bench can basically predict the life of the product. Second, lightweight technology is at the forefront, including lightweight design technology and lightweight manufacturing technology. such as: spinning rim technology, deformation hardening rims technology, spoke hollow technology. Third, high manufacturing technology level, high production efficiency, they have first-class manufacturing technology, stand-alone production efficiency, high product rate. For example, 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels, Enkei casting cycle for the 220s,speedline company's casting cycle of 280s, while the domestic general in 320s above. Four, the factory automation degree is high, the manufacturing process widely uses the robot or the manipulator, a rod wheel's rim synthesis line only needs 6 people to patrol, the product quality is high and is stable.